Study Program Identity

University : Universitas Brawijaya
Faculty : Faculty of Cultural Studies
Department : Department of Art and Cultural Anthropology
Study Programme Code : 90201
Study Programme Name : Fine Art
SP Establishment Decree Number : 595/E/O/2014
Date of Establishment : 17 October 2014
Certificate of Building Operational Permit : 17 October 2014
Date of Operational Certificate : 16 June  2011
Certificate Number of University National Accreditation Organization : 792/sk/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VIII/2015
Latest Accreditation Status (Score) : B
Ratio of ‘Lecturer : Student’ : 00:01
Address : Jl. Veteran Malang
Post Code :  
Telephone : 0341 – 575875
Faximile : 0341 – 575822
Email :
Website :
Bachelor Degree : S.Sn
Description : Bachelor of Art
Vision : To be a Fine Arts study programme that excels in the field of creation, study, art organizers, and having a professional, creative, innovative, cultured, dignified entrepreneurial spirit and internationally standardized by 2029
Mission :
  1. Organizing art education in the field of creation, study, and management of art with entrepreneurial spirit and quality. 
  2. Doing research that contributes to the development of art science
  3. Organizing service that is useful to the development of art science in the community.
  4. Engaging cooperation in the field of arts and culture with communities and national and international institutions.