Internal Quality Audit is the key to presenting beneficial data for the importance and betterment or improvement of system effectivity owned by an organization. AIM activities consist of systemic and independent checking to know how effective the implementation of SPMI is and how they follow the plan decided by the working unit in UB. AIM is carried out to check the conformity between the quality standards, in the Academic, Finance, and Administration Quality Management (SMM), and its implementation by working unit in UB. The AIM has benefit to (a) help identifying the unconformity that had and or has happened, and potential conflict that might happen in the future, (b) ensure the conformity of the documented system with the referred standard term and conditions, (c) guarantee the consistency of system application that is applied with the documented system, (d) guarantee the consistency of system application, (e) assure the system effectiveness, and (f) improve/develop system. (Audit Internal Mutu (AIM) – Pusat Jaminan Mutu (


Two procedures are implemented in AIM UB, namely, audit system and audit performance (compliance). An audit system is the audit of the adequacy of quality assurance organization and quality documents to meet the standard of an audit system. Moreover, an audit performance (compliance) is the audit on the implementation of the defined/guaranteed quality assurance system, in this case, are the fulfilment of the quality standard and the customer satisfaction. The implementation procedure of AIM UB is performed in two ways, they are, desk evaluation and auditee visitation. Technically, AIM mechanism refers to SOP AIM (Audit Internal Mutu (AIM) – Pusat Jaminan Mutu In the practice, AIM in UB involves certified internal quality auditors. The following is the mechanism of AIM in UB.


AIM UB has carried out many activities since 2011 which are grouped into two categories, namely, Internal Quality Audit for Unit of Academic Executive or AIM UKPA Audit Internal Mutu Unit Kerja Pelaksana Akademik (henceforth AIM UKPA) and Internal Quality Audit for Academic Supporting Services or Audit Internal Mutu Unit Kerja Penunjang Pelaksana Akademik (henceforth AIM UKPPA). AIM UKPA is a specialized unit working for faculty/programme, department/study programme, the department/study programme, and laboratory. On the other hand, AIM UKPPA consists of a team working for the bureau, institution, central laboratory, technical executive unit, and business agencies.


As a response for the results given by AIM, the study programme received input on the implementation of the quality assurance of the Tri Dharma for lecturers, students, and graduates from the study programme. The input is formulated in the form of a manpower plan that covers the timeline of lecturers’ quality improvement plan through further studies for lecturers that haven’t taken doctorate programme, and its relevancy with the betterment of the study programme.


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