E-Catalogue Ach. Saidika Taufiqur’anam

This Final Project Exhibition by Achmad Saidika Taufiqur’anam is entitled Carok Representation in Glass Painting. Carok is one of the typical cultures of his homeland, Madura, which was held from July 8 to July 10, 2020. Carok is a violent act of murder on the basis of solving a problem in the life of the Madurese community. It is incomplete to talk about carok without discussing the weapon that is often used, namely the celurit. Celurit, which is shaped like a question mark, symbolizes a maturity in being a man, namely the attitude of tabayyun (seeking the truth) in solving a problem.

There are seven works on display in this final project exhibition namely; Knight Philosophy, Man & His Blood, Reincarnation of Carok, Maduresse Love Story, Wall of Unfinished, Myduresse Theater, and Room of Drama.

In his work entitled “Maduresse Love Story” Saidika took the paradoxical side of the celurit. How the celurit has 2 main parts and there is a middle world inside that contains life. The first part is the sickle made of iron, symbolizing a female figure, in this case resembling the ribs represented by the goddess Sri. While the second part is the handle as a symbol of a male figure or backbone. The combination of the two creates a paradox or can be called the middle world or if interpreted is life. So the celurit will be very useful when the two parts are combined, just as life in society must be harmonized so that life goes well.

This exhibition has three series of events, the first is Live Artist Talk with Achmad Saidika as the artist of this exhibition. For July 9, 2020 there will be a Live Glass Painting Tutorial which will also be guided by Achmad Saidika. And on the last day, July 10, 2020, it will be closed with a Live Discussion with Arrofi Ramadhan with the title Youth and Fine Arts.

The Final Project Exhibition can be visited on the Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/saidika_art/