Iling-Iling is an art exhibition held by students of the Study Programme of Fine Arts (SPFA) of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). This exhibition is a part of the SPFA FCS UB for new students’ activities. Iling-Iling in Javanese means ‘remembering.’

Iling-Iling is interpreted as an effort to share the childhood stories of the artists to the audience to feel it too,” said the chief executive, Dien Surya Ivanka, a student of SPFA FCS UB class of 2021.

They held this Iling-Iling exhibition at Raos Gallery, Batu City. The location was chosen because Batu City is a popular tourist destination so it is expected to attract a lot of attention and interest from the community.

The Iling-Iling exhibition was held from Saturday to Thursday (7/2–7/2022). The activities carried out in this exhibition include live music, performing arts, workshops, art discussions, and art reviews. Students invited several guest stars for live music activities. In performing art activities, students displayed works of art that could bring art lovers to reminisce about when they were young by visualizing their memories.

Dien hoped that the public would appreciate this event by being a part of Iling-Iling. By holding this exhibition, the public would be inspired to appreciate works of art and see art from various sides.